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mark pedley
Mark Pedley
photo: Kai Richelsen
  • Birmingham born Mark Pedley has been taking photos for more than 30 years. Working as a semi-professional stock photographer since 2001, he focusses on images for editorial use. Both his digital and analog photos can be ordered from multiple international stock photo agencies. Native Englishman Mark has been living in Germany for 19 years.

Take a look at Mark's work:

hans-peter zwicklhuber

Hans-Peter Zwicklhuber
photo: agrarphoto.com

  • In 2003 agricultural teacher Hans-Peter won the Austrian Professional Photograper contest. In the same year he founded the agricultural database agrarfoto.com, which has become the largest agriculture stock photo supplier in the German speaking part of Europe.
    In mid 2004 he took the cattle photography school in Calgary/Canada and worked 2 months with famous cattle photograpers Allan and Wakt Browarny. He acted as the official photographer of the ten-day Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, world's biggest outdoor show.

Check HP's database:

alexandra kremshuber
Alexandra Kremshuber
photo: Joe Rißmann
  • Austrian born Alex worked as a graphic artist for a number of advertising agencies in Austria and Germany before she started her own business, kremshuber kommunikationsdesgin, in fall 2001.
    The main focus of her work is corporate design, individual development of logos and high quality print media and web sites.

web link:

daniel geiger
Daniel Geiger
Foto: Daniel Geiger
  • After jobs with Burda Moden, Offeburg and Badenia Tiefdruck, Karlsruhe, Daniel studied Communications design at Media Institute Mainz with a focus on new media, film and video.
    Since 1997 he has been working as a freelance photographer, graphic designer and videographer for various well known magazines and companies.
    Daniel is a fanatic mountain biker and well known for his dynamic sports shots.


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