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7. Nofoot Contest in Strasbourg

7. No Foot Contest, Staßburg
Poster: Escalade Alsace

Boulderholics again in Bleau

  • Stefan Schwender managed a repetition of "Noir Désir gauche" Fb.7b.
  • Thomas Schwender and Tanjeff Bourgett pulled the dynamo "Froggy Dick" Fb.7b.

Challenging Conditions

Zustieg Paulmauer
photo: Dietmar Rabenstein Bild vergrößern
  • Dietmar Rabenstein, Austrian climber and Vienna palatinum.info outpost in the past years, had to tackle an unusual problem last weekend:
    On his way to Paulmauer, the snow was so high that it covered the track marks and Dietmar could hardly find his way (see the red line in the left picture).

Non-Exploding in "TNT"

  • New year - new clip!
    palatinum.info crew Alex Wenner and Kai Richelsen edited this clip of Alex climbing Pfalz top route "TNT" 8b+ at Retschelfels.
    Bolted some years ago by Florian Eigner, the run on "TNT" began when Florain gave up after years of unsuccessful attempts. Steffen Frey was the first to make it.
  • camera: Alex Wenner (from tripod)
    editing: Kai Richelsen
    music: Andy Rüschner

No Footstep Poster – Climbing Hall Campaign

No Footsteps!
poster: Wolfi Peter, PK
  • Latest addition to the "Guide for environmentally friendly climbing" is a poster printed by PK and "Arbeitskreis Sanierung und Sicherung".
    The slogan "No Footsteps" is promoting "friendly climbing". Amongst other locations, the posters will be displayed in the climbing halls of the area.
    Many thanks to Wolfi for the layout, Scharfi and Silka for the production.
    info: PK

palatinum.info's Reaction to the "No Footsteps" Campaign

No Poop Marks!
photo: H. Gero Schilling
  • Environment protection isn't a sole issue of the Pfalz area. The Alps, too, have been under discussion for years.
    Where witless chalkers leave their white marks on the pristine Pfalz sandstone, many alpine access tracks are surrounded by in the stinky, brown leftovers of unscrupulous climbers in need for a last dump.
    palatinum.info takes the initiative and kicks off "No Poopsteps" - we show you the correct way to enjoy your shit ;-).
    Many thanks to H. Gero Schilling for his great snapshot!

"Alder Vadder" in Klettern Magazin

Klettern Magazin
  • Issue 2/06 of Klettern sports a short article with photo about the Roedelstein route “Alder Vadder” 8b by Andi Ziegler.
    photo: Yann Corby

What else is up?

  • Lutz Limburg did a repetition of the extreme-classic "Reve du Papillon" 8a. His current main sports activities, however, are snowboarding and volleyball.
  • Thomas Wendling bouldered "Tape it or leave it" Fb.7b and "Vertrauensfrage" Fb. 7a+ at Kalmit.
    In addition, he did "Miss Immonde" 8a in Kronthal.
    Info: Yann Corby

Boulderholics in Bleau

  • Thomas Schwender repeated "Noir Désir gauche" Fb 7b.
  • Stefan Schwender climbed "L'Angle Incarné" Fb 7b.
  • Tanjeff Bourgett did a repetition of "L'Aerodynamite" Fb 7b+ at Fontainebleau.

palatinum.info climbing courses 2006

Julius Westphal
photo: Alex Wenner
  • New in 2006:
    The engelhorn sports of Mannheim teams up with palatinum.info trainers Alex Wenner and Annelie Hamm for the delivery of the famous palatinum.info climbing courses.
  • Besides the highly rated courses for beginners, advanced climbers and refinement of technique, two new additions are being offered:
    • Two beginner's course for women only, trained by Annelie Hamm
    • A trip to "Mindelheimer Klettersteig", one of the most stunning fixed rope routes of the Alps.
  • The seats of all courses are limited.
    First come, first serve!

    Detailed information and online course booking is available at the the palatinum.info course page (Germany only) or at engelhorn sport, Mannheim.

No Footstep Poster – Climbing Hall Campaign

No Footsteps!
poster: Wolfi Peter, PK
  • Latest addition to the "Guide for environmentally friendly climbing" is in ihrer Kurzform auch als Plakat welches die PK in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Arbeitskreis Sanierung und Sicherung hat drucken lassen.
    Unter dem Motto "No Footsteps" wird für das "sanfte Klettern" geworben. Die Poster werden in den nächsten Wochen unter anderem in den Hallen in der Umgebung ausgehängt.
    Danke an Wolfi für den Entwurf, Scharfi und Silka für die Umsetzung.
    Info: PK

palatinum.info reagiert auf die "No Footsteps" Kampagne

No Poop Marks!
Foto: H. Gero Schilling
  • Wir ihr wisst, ist nicht man nicht nur in der Pfalz bemüht, das Klettergebiet sauber zu halten. Die Alpen sind schon seit Jahren der Mittelpunkt aller Diskussionen.
    Wo in der Pfalz hemmunglos gechalked wird, werden dort die Einstiege mit braunen Häufchen markiert. Unter dem Motto „No Poopsteps“ zeigen wir Euch, wie's umweltfreundlich geht. Vielen Dank an H. Gero Schilling für den Handyschnappschuß!

Zillertal Impressions - sponsored by Marmot Expedition Gear

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zum Vergrößern anklicken
  • palatinum DVD editor Wojtek Gumula, Hannes Schilling and Alex Wenner enjoyed a weekend of bouldering and snowboarding at Zilli. Plenty of fun with 12 inches of fresh snow and bouldering in a pristine winter wonderland at Kaseler Alm.
    Check out some impressions.Bilder vergrößern
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Elsass – News

  • Alex Chabot flashed “Migranya” 8b and “Zona 0” 8b, both in Siurana / Spain.
  • Thomas Leleu climbed “ La Quate” 8a Buoux – Southern France.
  • Thomas Wendling climbed «Orange Amer» in Kronthal - his first 8a.

Info: Yann Corby


Red Chili Boulder Cup Reminder

Red Chili
  • As announced earlier, the Red Chili Cup 2005/2006 finals will take place on February 2 at "The Rock" in Karlsruhe.
    Boulder preparation lays in the skilled hands of Annelie Hamm, Julius Westphal, Lutz Limburg and Alex Wenner. As usual, "Mr. Muralon" Stefan Glowacz will present the awards to the lucky winners.
  • For more information check The Rock and Red Chili.

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