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2nd Climbing Party in Ettringen

Ettringer Kletterparty
pic: Stonelove
  • When?
    Saturday, May 13, 2006
  • Location:
    At the Schaefer's BB-facility behind sectors Ramstein and Waterworld.
  • They do it again!
    After the great success of last year's Ettringen climbing party the team around "Stonelove" Marc Wolff goes for a seconds strike and presents the kick-off party for of the basalt season.
    Be prepared for:
    • Live Musik by 2Reno (Cologne)
    • Slackline
    • Multimedia contest with lots of awards
    • Basalt beer
    • The legendary Gummiesel-Awards!
    • Bungee running
  • Multimedia-Contest:
    Open for everone with the categories aural, audio or video.
    You have always longed for citing Luis Trenker, chant his "Bergvagabunden" song or you secretly write alpine poems? This is your stage, man! The totally independent jury ranks your performance and rewards your courage.
    (please apply by email!!!)
    At the same time, the three winners of the stone videos video contest will be awarded.
  • Overnight stay is possible for 5 €.
  • Fire wood, char coal, beer and sausages/meat are available.
    BYO for salat, bread and veggi food.

More info onwww.stonevibes.de and www.klettern-ettringen.de (in German)

Klettern Gallery

klettern Magazin
image: klettern Magazin
  • The current issue of "Klettern" features photo of Annelie Hamm in Hainstadt (Odenwald) in their gallery.
    photo: Alex Wenner

2006 Climbing Courses are online

Alsace 8As under fire

  • Thomas Klingelschmidt & Jean Marc Winckel repeated« Orange Amer » 8a in Kronthal.
  • Jean Bassa climbed „Mythoman“ 8a in Gueberschwihr.
  • Tom Braun did „ Carmina Burana“ 8a in Kronthal

palatinum arts 2006: final call

palatinm arts 2006
  • Pump yourself up for the new bouldering saison with the palatinum arts 2006 calender.
    The last copy are available at the palatinum.info web shop.

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Slide Show with Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner

engelhorn sports Mannheim

  • Extreme climberGerlinde Kaltenbrunner, the first woman to crest nine of the highest peaks on earth (all without additional oxygen supply!) shows her new slideshow

    "Unterwegs über 8000m"

    palatinum.info staff tip: Don't miss it!

New Top Boulder – Fb.8b/b+ at Wartenberg

Pascal Schouwink
  • Pascal Schouwink managed the first ascend of a new boulder at Wartenberg. He rated "Koru" Fb.8b/b+. Should the rating proove to be realistic, "Koru" would be the most difficult Pfalz boulder at present.
    Pascal Schouwink:
    „Sit down start on the right side of the boulder near the valley, left hand takes a side hold, right hand the big crimp. Just as a reminder: Sandstone is very fragile under wet conditions, even when the surface looks dry. So, people who want to go for it should only try if there was no rain to make sure that this topboulder problem can still be done in the next years.“

Elsass News

  • Loic Fossard, Florent Wolff and Thomas Wendling on boulder tour in Pfalz.
    Loic bouldered:
    • Bona fide 7b+ trav' (flash)
    • Haute couture 7c trav' (flash)
    • Mooshammer 7a+ (flash)
    • Hugo 7b
    • Chalayan 7a
    • Kurze traverse 7a+ trav' (flash)
    • Galet noir 7b (flash)
  • In the meantime, Thomas and Florent repeated Hugo 7b, Thomas in addition „BB volant“ 7b in Oberbronn.


  • Julien Anderlini climbed “Insomnie“, a new 8a combination of the routes „l'Aven Armand” 7c+ (start) and Téléphérique (exit).
  • Michael Stöckel repeated the classic „le theatre du no“ 8b.
  • Julian Panigot repeated „Le Cretin“ 8b/b+.
  • Thomas Gabriel repeated „La taille et la gamelle“ 8a.

Pierre Bollinger and Olivier Froideval were on the go, too. Here is their list of tours they ticked off:

  • Olivier Froideval:
    • Santa linya: Koala 8a+, Air Line 8a, paris y cia 8a, Devorah Hombres 8a, Devorah Hombres 8a, Trio Ternura 8a
    • Saint llorenc de mongai: el legionaro 8a
    • Bruixes: Latido de mielo 8a
  • Pierre Bollinger:
    • A 8a on sight, 2 x 8a at the frist attempt, one 8a+, one 8b at the first attempt and in the end a 8b+.

info: Yann Corby

Boulderholics in Bleau
The guys of Boulderholics (quick reminder: one of them, Sebastian Gerber, won the second price of the 05/06 Red Chili Cup), payed a visit to Bleau. The score looks as follows:

  • Sebastian Gerber flashed "Lapin ou Canard" Fb 7A, "Rétablissement" Fb 7A, "Hueco Départ" Fb 7A+ and climbed "Noir Désir gauche" Fb 7B.
  • Christoph Gabrysch flashed"Rétablissement" Fb 7A and repeated "Noir Désir gauche" Fb 7B and "Froggy Dick" Fb 7B.
  • Thomas Schwender and Janek Altmaier flashed "Lapin ou Canard" Fb 7a, too.

The Rock- Karlsruhe - Red Chili Testival

The Rock Kletterzentrum
Red Chili
pics: Red Chili, The Rock
Red Chili Corona
  • when?
    Thursday, March 23, 2006, from 6:00 pm
  • where?
    Climbing Center The Rock, Karlsruhe
  • Red Chili offers free testing of they wide range of excelletn climbing shoes. Grab a pair and check them out!
    Testing is worth while in any case - besides new impressions you may win one of the ten prices which are being raffled amonst all partipiciants.

"The Virus" - the new Climbing und Boulder DVD

photo: Daniel Peis
  • For one year, the camera was Daniel Peis' permanent companion on his way to the best climbing sites of Tirol. His film does not only feature high grade sports climbing, but also climbing in unusual locations where the addictive potential of this sport becomes evident.

    Follow Daniel Peis, Florian Klingler, David Pilaj, Zadok Posch, Benny Hangl and Matthias Schneitter on they spectacular way through the Tyrolean clilmbing world.

price: 27,95 Euro*

*additional shipping cost applies

order now from our web shop.

Karlsruhe Plastic Climbers Iced

Stefan Gernert am Einstieg
 Zurück bei Nacht und Nebel...
Hannes SchillingPics vergrößern
  • Plastic climber Hannes Schilling and his mate Stefan Gernert used the chilly winter weather for an ice climbing trip to Lechtal.
    At the "Faule Wand" area in Hornbachtal, they did the first ascent of "The Milagro Beanfield War", a route with a total length of 200m (600ft).
    The first 40m are followed by a 70m long snow filled depression and the main part a 85° slope and a length of 110m. The tour got a rating of WI 5. The even in step passages snow covered ice made it a hard piece of work.

    Topo and detailed description can be found in the ice climbing guide "Eiskalt 3" (Panico-Verlag) for which Stefan Gernert is once again writing the Lechtal section.
  • How to get on site:
    Drive from Lechtal to Hornbachtal. Follow the road past Hinterhornbach to the end. Take the nodic skiing tracks (ski!) until you see the waterfall on the left hand side (approx. 1.5 h).

Elsass Power

  • Thomas Wendling again bouldered lots of Pfalz classics:
  • Mülhenberg:
    On a walkabout 7b+ trav
    Running up that hill 7a+ trav
    Burning fingers 7a+
  • Husarenfelsen:
    Cornerfight 7a
    Yellow corner 7a
    Softcore 7a+ trav
  • Hintere Otterfelsen:
    Gepresster Saftsack 7a
    Pusher 7b
  • Jurassic Park:
    T-Rex 7b

Nothing But Hot Air

Kai in Indien
  • palatinum.info webmaster und cameraman Kai Richelsen spent two weeks in India shooting a documentary about the first hot air balloons ever seen in the skies of Radjasthan.
    Enjoy the enchanted people and take a look at this small clip Kai prepared:

    watch the clip (wmv, 9.5 MB)

Pickings: Red Chili Bouldercup Finals in Karlsruhe

Red Chili climbing shoes
photo: Uwe Hofstetter
  • The Red chili BOulder Cup Finals 05 / 06 were again hosted by The Rock in Karlsruhe.
    The 25 partially quite longish boulder problems had been prepared with great enthusiam by Alex, Axel, Elke, Julius and other creatives. All climbings styles from tricky horizontal moves to giant dynamo were tested.
    Hard-fought, too, were the additional scores of the event "table boulder".
    The following free beer, donated by the Hoepfner brewery, and spicy chilli con carne by Axel Kunzmann refueled all drained energies before the winners were awarded with gear of Marmot and Red Chili.

the scores:
Men, The Rock
  1. Schaffarczik Nicolai
  2. Müller Daniel
  3. Gabrysch Christoph
  4. Rühling Tino
  5. Altmaier Nicolas
  6. Müller Thomas
  7. Gerber Sebastian
  8. Hock Paul
  9. Slenky Mick
  10. Mades Sebastian


Men, totals
  1. Schaffarczik Nicolai
  2. Gerber Sebastian
  3. Müller Daniel
  4. Hock Paul
  5. Aigner Johannes
  6. Rühling Tino
  7. Wiedemann Daniel
  8. Enderle Sven
  9. Gabrysch Christoph
  10. Dreessen Jens
Women, The Rock
  1. Krämer Milena
  2. Bischoff Ines
  3. Heidinger Kerstin
  4. Lehmann Katrin
  5. Mansfeld Hanka
  6. Szymon Susanne
  7. Wiltz Tanja
  8. Kaufmann Thea
  9. Rosenberger Jenny
  10. Jäger Katharina
Women, totals
  1. Krämer Milena
  2. Bischoff Ines
  3. Heidinger Kerstin
  4. Mansfeld Hanka
  5. Lehmann Katrin
  6. Heydrich Tiffany
  7. Leiner Isabell
  8. Szymon Susanne
  9. Eisfeller Anne
  10. Roß Katharina
Juniors, The Rock
  1. Heckmann Christian
  2. Altmaier Janek
  3. Conrad Mathias
  4. Ferentz Robin
  5. Bacher Philipp
  6. Roth Daniel
  7. Carbon Yannik
  8. Porscha Maximilian
  9. Handrick Sven
Juniors, totals
  1. Heckmann Christian
  2. Handrick Sven
  3. Porscha Maximilian
  4. Altmaier Janek
  5. Conrad Mathias
  6. Jochinke Mathias
  7. Trub Sinan
  8. Hock Nico
  9. Bacher Philipp
  10. Hauck Christian

Info: Red Chili

New Slackline in The Rock

Alex auf Slackline
Chrissi Turneretscher
  • Climbing center The Rock in Karlsruhe externded their playground aside the usual climbing activities. Besides campus board and rope ladder, a 7 m (21 ft) slackline calls for balancing.

    poto links: Alex Wenner "slacked" in The Rock.

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