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Wild Country Rocks Recall Update

  • Wild Country hat nach der Rückrufaktion der klassischen und eloxiertenn Rocks folgendes Update rausgeschickt:

    It is one month since Wild Country took the decision to recall certain batches of Classic and Anodised Rocks due to a very small number of units not making their rated strength. Since then we have had an amazing response from our customers with returns registered on the recall database in over 20 countries.
  • We are pleased to say that despite the obvious inconvenience the overwhelming majority of feedback has been positive and we would like to thank everybody for their support and patience. We are acutely aware it is extremely frustrating to be without the Rocks that you have returned to us and we are working as quickly as possible to send out replacements.
  • Managing Director, Martin Atkinson is personally co-ordinating the recall and has issued the following statement to summarise the current situation regarding replacement product:
    “As described in the recall notice we have set up a complete new production line to deal with the manufacture of the replacements at our factory in the Peak District. Due to this change in production location there has to be a re-issuing of the CE certificate for Rocks before we can release products in the EU. The type-examination (product testing) has been successfully conducted and the documentation concerning the assessment of conformity (production processes) is now being reviewed by the Notified Body responsible for this assessment process under the EU regulations concerning PPE (personal protective equipment). This means the re-issuing of the certificate is imminent and at this point we will be able to start release of product into the UK. In the meantime we have made some deliveries to the “far-flung corners of the world” and given the distances involved these customers should be receiving their replacement at about the same time as those in the UK.
    As I said before we appreciate the frustration of being without your equipment and would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.”
  • As ever if you have any questions you can get in touch with us at:

Zeit im Griff – Kalender

Kalender "Zeit im Griff 2014"
Foto: Panico Alpinverlag
  • Wer ihn lieb gewonnen hat, will ihn nicht mehr missen - wer ihn erst jetzt kennenlernt, wird ihn nächstes Jahr wieder bestellen. Der Wochenplaner "Zeit im Griff" bietet Impressionen und Infos zu Schnee und Fels. Dieses Jahr mit 12 Klettergebieten zwischen Weser-Leine-Bergland und Wallis, von Sportklettern und Bouldern bis hin zum alpinen Klettern. Action pur auf 144 Seiten mit über 80 eindrucksvollen Fotos, durchwegs in Farbe, mit viel Platz für die täglichen Termine (linke Seite Foto, rechte Seite Wochenkalendarium). Die edle Aufmachung hebt den Tischkalender weit über die reine Funktion hinaus. Denn was geschickt und funktionell ist, darf ruhig auch richtig gut aussehen...

    Preis: 16,80 Euro via

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